We are The Mike Styles Branded Celebrity Talent Group and much more are making dreams possible daily. All the talent are discovered, branded, created and photographed by The Mike Styles Group. Discover the new you that you always dreamt to be. 


Our reputation extends across the Atlantic. "No experience is necessary for modeling or entertainment to become successful with the Mike Styles Group". 


The Mike Styles Group is particularly excellent at scouting new faces with no experience and mold them into icons. When you are selected work with The Mike Styles Group, you will have access to professional photography, video & casting production teams that will have you looking like a star just like we've developed: 


Angel Lola Luv aka Lola Monroe. 

Ophilia VH1 Just Right, 

Cat Washington Bad Girls Club 

Brooke Bailey ETV Candy Girls Reality Show 

Just to name a few. Mike originally discovered Lola as a diamond in the rough, and with his expertise propel her to stardom, just as he has done with many others and can do for ambitious talent just like you!



The Mike Styles Group is the most verse company for Image and Brand Development, Marketing, Casting & Directing that has been transforming lives for 20+ year and growing. “Sometimes, a picture really does say a thousand words,” says Mike Styles. 


Throughout Mike’s years of experience in branding talent, photography, casting opportunities and guidance, he has secured major endorsements within the entertainment industry, magazine publishers, editors, music video directors, television networks, entertainment moguls and more. Mike’s and his team provide a tremendous amount of knowledge in this field and more the ever has changed the lives of many up-and-coming stars like yourself by preparing you to secure that ” big gig”  and will guide you on your path to fame. Are you ready!


Our eye for talent and beauty are captured perfectly in every photograph or video that developed and published out of the Mike Styles Group. Lola Monroe is a prime example of talent branding and photography that is unique and specific to whatever market you will like to embark. 

Established by Mike Styles, the Mike Styles Group will get you on the right path toward your goal, whatever it may be. Wether is outstanding photography, reels, marketing, branding, video or film, we can help you create a strong portfolio, and increase your opportunity of landing your career with VH1, Fuse TV, and BET just to name a few. 




We are one of the main go-to casting agency for many films including "State of Play" starring Ben Affleck and Russell Crowe to name a few. We have formed partnerships with companies like Verizon and Six Flags, and many national publications across the country.  Through all of this experience, The Mike Group has become a trusted leader in the industry for their eyes in scouting and guiding talent and capturing it in photographs, reels, and video. A go-to source for celebrities like 50 Cent, with whom we have worked with on many occasions. 



The Mike  Styles Group is well known on an international circuit, having been sought out by the BBC TV Network to talk about their expertise in photography, castings, branding and discovering talent. Many aspiring models and talent have landed in magazine pages, film, music videos and many other booking opportunities from their very first photoshoot with The  Mike Styles. Group. With our team, you can be sure that you’re getting high-quality photography, video reels and video production that will set you apart from your competition in the entertainment industry. 




The Mike Styles Group is a full-service broadcast films production company. From broadcast commercials to branded web content we specialize in telling entertaining brand-driven stories through the medium of video. When you need to illustrate ideas, change minds, tell stories, and position your brand for success, we bring the creative. From advising on a strategy to executing marketing campaigns. The Mike Styles award-winning writers create scripts, our expert crew executes on flawless production and our digital marketing team delivers an ROI-driven go-to-market plan.


Whom have we worked with? 


We have produced professional video content for lifestyle brands, startups, Fortune 1000s, non-profits, ad agencies, PR and marketing firms, healthcare, higher education, government and businesses of all sizes. Basically, we're well-versed in all things corporate and creative video.


We could go on, but we won't. Our work is all about our clients. These are just some of the stories we help them tell. We hope that you'll take some time to take a look, and feel free to ask us any questions.

We more than just media; We are entertainment moguls with a variety of affiliated agencies that will be at your service should you need them. We offer public relations, image developing, marketing, castings and consulting creating an overall brand image that allows you to market yourself to be seen, get known and stay relevant.


  • Style Elite Modeling and Talent Agency 


  • Mike Styles Celebrity Booking Company


  • Official Glam Girls (Centerfolds & Pinup)



Having all of these affiliates at your convenience will make a huge difference in your career.

The Mike Styles Group is highly trusted by executives in the entertainment industry. Everyone’s trusts that Mike and his team have the ability to develop. From his humble beginnings with his first photo shoot, all the way up to his status as a full entertainment mogul. Mike and his team have made a lasting impression on everybody they have worked with, an impression that will benefit you. 


You have what it takes to become a star and begin set yourself apart from your competition. The Mike Styles Group will provide you with a long list of outstanding reliability, and dependable services.


New Face 

Glamour Model Magazine Tearsheets 





Straight Stuntin, 

Black Men's, 







We have shot for many more publications and has helped discover, develop, guide and create New Face Models images all over the United States and overseas for over 19 years. Our Images have gotten many beginner models their first start towards the creative looks they need in order to get noticed by the right clientele. His images continue to pave the way for new and celebrity talent to get noticed the right way. Do you want to see yourself on the cover or in the pages of a national and international publication? Book your shoot today!



Fashion photography requires creativity and experience. The Mike Styles Group will work with you on your concept by providing wardrobe stylists, location, makeup, and hair that is all tailored for you.  When it comes to shooting a person for the first time, We guide you through the entire shoot whether you area professional or not on the correct posing techniques based on your body type and the goal of the shoot. Visit the testimonial page and hear from our clients themselves. 


Do you want to see yourself on the cover or in the pages of a national and international publication? Book your shoot today!


We Provide Services Nationally & Internationally

  • Film Crew Production Team

  • Film Producer Team

  • Casting Company Team

  • Photography Team

  • Marketing Team

  • Talent Promotional Video Team 

  • Talent Publicist Team

  • Social Media Expertise

  • Brand Management


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